Discover what Greyling can do for you.


General contractors, trade contractors, and construction materials suppliers can face many risks. Greyling provides a range of services that can help you to analyze and mitigate those risks. In addition to insurance brokerage, our services include:

  • Contract review
  • Contract negotiation support
  • Development of go/no-go procedures for design-build projects
  • Development of procedures for early identification and mitigation of potential losses
  • Front-end document review
  • Customized loss-prevention seminars
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Risk management strategic planning
  • Risk analysis of potential new services
  • Web-based risk surveys
  • Project manager training for professional liability loss prevention
  • Insurance program design, negotiation, and placement
  • Strategic consulting for claims resolution

We understand the complex nature of your risks and help you design and implement the right risk management and insurance program to minimize your risks and maximize your profits.